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Jeanne and I want to again thank you for your help in finding our new home. It makes looking so much easier when you can work with someone who expresses an interest in what your needs are, as well as your expectations and goals are. Many times it is difficult to leave what you have not knowing where you will end up. You made it very easy to share our thought and requests. You were a pleasure to work with and cared about our needs and concerns. You were open to our many questions and willing to re-answer them as needed. You educated us to the San Diego real-estate market. It had been over 40 years since we had invested and looked. You were very informed about the VA program and resources and benefits available. You helped us find what we wanted and it didn't take very long. Says a lot about you and your team. You were a real pleasure to be around. Thank you again for your communication with others that got us through the paperwork pretty quickly. We are settling in as I write this and are pleased with how it is working out.

Sincerely new homeowner,

Lee and Jeanne Mireles


We have bought and sold two homes through Mark from the time I was stationed in San Diego. Mark has used his tremendous marketing and negotiating skills to help us sell each of our homes for close to the listed price as well as negotiating two great buys for us, all in one fell swoop! We cannot speak any more highly of his knowledge of the ins and outs in the real estate field and how he has made our real estate experience both smooth and successful. Thanks again Mark for all that you have done for us!

Billy and Tommie Abrams


I would like to just write a few kind words about my Realtor and now friend Mark Levenson. When I first started thinking about purchasing a home I thought the process was going to be a huge hassle and from what I heard a nightmare. Starting with the stereo typical realtor that was just out to make a sale. Mark is one of the nicest guys I have met in a long time. He was always there to answer my questions no matter what day of the week or time of day I called him and lord know I did call him often. He also took the time to really get to know the sellers and establish a great rapport them. It's my personal opinion that Mark is one of the best in the business and that his knowledge of the industry is what ultimately got me my dream house. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience and I would just again like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. You're a true professional Mark!

Stephan Weber

Mark has represented me in both purchasing and exchanging numerous investment properties over the past few years. I started out purchasing small multi-unit properties and built some substantial equity in just a few years and then exchanged into larger apartment buildings. Mark helped grow my real estate portfolio exponentially and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to insure my success in every way. Mark has also given me a lot of help and advice in all phases of property management. His expert advice has been invaluable. I have a tremendous amount of trust and respect in Mark’s experience and knowledge and look forward to continuous growth with Mark by my side.

George Arrizabalaga

We initially spoke to another Realtor and later connected up with Mark. Both Mariana and myself are really glad we waited. Not only did Mark sell our home in only 21 days at 98% of the listed price with only minor buyer concessions, he also found us a great loan officer who helped make the whole loan process easy and smooth. Mark went above and beyond solving some sticky homeowners issues as well as giving us advice and leadership on our new home purchase. We recommend Mark and his team of professionals highly! He will go above and beyond for you.”

Michael and Mariana Leas


As first time home buyers, we knew we would have a lot of questions and need a lot of help. Thankfully we were recommended to Mark. He was very helpful through the whole process and got us into a home we love. He was professional, kind and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Roy and Patricia Willis

Mark has helped us twice. Once with a starter home, and just recently with a ’move-up' home. Mark has expertly put together the sales and purchases of both properties, helping us receive ‘Top Dollar’ on the selling side and most recently helping us purchase a dream home. Mark cares about meeting his customers needs and will do whatever it takes to insure a smooth transaction. Thanks Mark for caring and being there for us!

John and Rose Hamler


As a first time home buyer, I had little knowledge on buying a home. Mark made the home buying process very simple and comfortable for me. He and his team worked expeditiously to get me moved into a condo I fell in love with. Thanks again Mark

Omar Bamba


I recently purchased a home in Eastlake and Mark Levenson was my Broker/Realtor. He was recommended by my VA loan officer. Mark was very professional, courteous, helpful and patient. He worked well with the loan department, other realtors and escrow personnel. I am a Veteran and currently working as a police officer. Mark was very flexible and worked around my hectic schedule involving family, children and police work. I 'highly' recommend Mark as someone you can trust. He will make your homebuying experience an enjoyable one.

Jerry Paras


We were referred to Mark.. As a dual military couple, it is really hard to have the same work schedule as your significant other. Mark did not mind that at all. He was always available to communicate with us either by phone, email, or in person regardless of the time. Our experience with Mark as a realtor was outstanding. He is a true professional and very knowledgeable person. He is not all about business. He has a pleasant personally that makes you feel like a friend is the one helping you find a house for purchase.


My husband and I had a delay on getting approved for our VA loan. Mark stood with us until the end and helped us out to get approved for our loan. He did not give up on us! All his years of experience and his contacts made it happen. I highly recommend Mark Levenson as a real estate agent. He will definitely put all his energy and enthusiasm to help anyone become a homeowner. 100% Satisfaction guarantee! Thank you Mark for everything you did for our family. It is greatly appreciated. We really hope to do business with you and your team in the near future. Thanks again.

Silvia and Sithone Soukchareun


How did Mark Levenson become our realtor? I honestly can't remember, except that we met him almost one year ago, and as I look back, I realize now that whatever is was that led us to him, we count ourselves the luckiest clients around.

My husband and I were looking for a home in San Diego, while still living in the Los Angeles area, with hardly any knowledge of San Diego and the surrounding neighborhoods. Mark took his time to introduce us to various neighborhoods and get an idea of our tastes and budget. He took our ideas and made additional suggestions of his own as he fine-tuned his search on a continuous basis.

We thought we found what may have been a perfect home, so we put in a bid, and asked Mark if he could recommend an inspector. Mark suggested an inspector who came to find issues with the house including some foundation issues which were unsafe, not to mention extremely costly. We really appreciated that these issues were found and reported before submitting an offer, and it was because Mark has integrity and surrounds himself with only reputable business associates in the industry.

We decided to withdraw our bid, and took a break as we moved temporarily into apartment housing so we could settle into our new jobs.

A few months passed and we occasionally kept in touch with Mark. At no time did he try to push us, but instead was patient and very respectful of our timetable.When we were ready to look again, we called up Mark, because we already knew he would look out for our best interests. After meeting with him to reassess our preferences and price range, we narrowed down our search to the neighborhood we loved the most. Mark set up viewings of the homes we wanted to see, and met us to walk through and point out various pluses and minuses that he could pick out from his experience and expertise.

Once we walked into "our home", we just knew it was the one for us, and Mark actively pursued the property for us, with realistic pricing in mind, but never compromising our budget. Our inspection was much better this time, with minor, superficial items that we can address when we want to, simply by referring back to our detailed inspection report.

Ours was a VA Loan with zero-down, and Mark suggested a great VA approved lender, who locked in a low fixed interest rate for us at just the right time. I never dreamed it could be as quick and easy as it was for us from start to finish, except that Mark really knows all the ins and outs in assisting military families, while giving you high quality service and offering nothing but the best available options when it comes to some of the outside help you may need during your house hunt.

Mark has a work ethic not commonly seen in this industry. He will aggressively find your perfect home, so that you don't miss out on your chance with a property, to other realtors. And he will be patient and attentive to your requirements along the way, always putting your requirements first. He really helped to make what could normally be a tense process actually informative and enjoyable.

He is undoubtedly the nicest realtor we've ever met, and a genuinely good person, which is why we are so happy to call him our friend.

As we prepare to move into our home this Friday, we can look back on what was a very enjoyable process and know that we got our dream home at the price we were willing to pay, with the sureness that we were given the best quality service and treatment, thanks to Mark Levenson!

Bill and Lisa R.


My experience being a first time home buyer has been absolutely wonderful!! Being a Navy spouse with 3 kids during a deployment made the idea of buying a bit over whelming. I can say it was so worth it. I have to thank my agent , Mark Levenson and for making things so incredibly easy and convenient for me. You have been there to explain the process to me every step of the way. Any questions I had were answered in a way that I could understand and quickly.

I couldn't have asked for a better team to help my family find our perfect little home. We LOVE everything about it!! Mark, you were very open and honest with me. You watched out for me for our best interest and making sure nothing was wrong and the few things that where you made sure it was taken care of.  You have really gone above and beyond and I am truly thankful for everyone who has been apart of helping my family buy our very first house. Mark you ROCK!!!! Lol Thanks for making this possible.

The Reyna Family


I have looked for a house on two separate occasions.  We qualified without a problem but our realtor took us on trips to see houses that we couldn’t afford and houses that were nowhere near what we were looking for or wouldn’t qualify for a VA loan.  We were encouraged to find something we liked and let the realtor know so he could see if it was available through the VA.  We were stood up several times when we were supposed to view houses. We finally just gave up.


This time we used a VA lender who highly recommended Mark as a realtor.  We met Mark on a Wednesday.  The first thing he did was to ask us what we wanted in a house.  I wanted square footage which is no small task on a budget.  Mark took us out 4 days later for our first look.  All the houses were what we were looking for, but the third house we saw was a dream come true.  Mark helped us to put an offer in that same day and 30 days later we moved in.  I would spell out the details but except for the wait, it was that easy.  I would highly recommend Mark to anyone, and I have to my friends.  Mark’s expertise with VA loans made this a dream come true.

Michael and Deborah Herzinger


Mark came highly recommended for his work helping Military Members find their homes. As an active duty Sailor in a sea going Command, my time frame to buy my first home was very short. Mark was very flexible working with my not so flexible schedule. He was clear in explaining all the ins and outs of every step and was available by phone, text or email anytime. When the seller/sellers agent was becoming difficult and changes threatened to delay my purchase, Mark made the process easy for me, dealing with the other party, my lender and escrow company, so I was still able to close on time. Once my purchase was complete, Mark continued to answer my questions as a new home owner and assist with issues dealing with my HOA. I highly recommend Mark to anyone in SD looking to purchase a home, especially Military Members.

Joe Dellera


We were referred to Mark through our lender. We're first time buyers, so we had no idea what to expect. Friends of ours who'd bought homes all said that buying a house was like giving birth: long, tedious, and painful. So, we were pretty well frightened when we went in for that first meeting with Mark. The aftermath, however, was completely different. We felt like we'd just had a conversation with a friend! He was calm and caring, but enthusiastic, and deeply focused on getting exactly what we wanted in a house. To be honest, throughout the process, we were waiting for the other shoe to : the pushing, the nagging, or the outright indifference that we were told realtors inflict on their clients. It never came. Mark would call us a minimum of once a week, even when he had nothing to report, just to check in and see how we were doing personally. That, to us, is way above and beyond the call of duty. The day we closed, Mark met us AFTER HOURS to hand us the keys. That wasn't all, though. The realtor who sold us the place didn't put up a "SOLD" sign; we were hoping there would be one so that we could take pictures in front of it. Mark brought one with him, along with the keys and a very nice bottle of red wine to celebrate with. When we met Mark, he told us that he'd been helping people, military and otherwise, get into their homes in San Diego for 35 years. After getting into our own home, we can see why.  

Alexia Harris


First off, Mark does something that most other realtors, from what I've heard, do not do, and that's getting to know you. Mark's philosophy is to not make customers or clients, but to make friends. My philosophy about Mark is that he prefers quality, not quantity.

Mark was a HUGE help!!!!! He is very courteous and works really hard to make sure that the buyer(s) is comfortable during the process, and makes sure that the customer is enjoying this experience. As first time home buyers, my wife and I were not too sure about the process and how things worked. Mark was able to explain the process in such a way that we truly understood every step. Plus, he works a lot with military and veterans and has in-depth knowledge of how the VA Loan process works. Mark is a person who goes to bat with you every step of the way, and does all that he can to make process easier on the buyer. He even comes with his own team of experts to help out.

Mark is our neighbor and we just happened to run into him as he was walking his dog , Shasta, and we struck up a conversation. After about 20 or 30 minutes the rental house we were in came into conversation and he asked if we thought about buying. So we talked a little about me being a veteran and how he takes pride in helping veterans, along with everybody else, find the right place for the right price, a place they can call home and build dreams; that's his purpose. So, me and my wife thought about it for a couple of weeks and we decided to go for it. We gave him a list of houses that we liked along with our wants and needs list and within two days he had a handful of houses, based on our criteria, for us to see. At first I was a little worried, one house was way over what we wanted to spend and the second house was a shocker; being nice about that one. In fact, it even surprised Mark how bad it was.

He then showed us the third and fourth house and they both fell right in with what we wanted. We found a house that we liked, move in ready, and we will be saving $500 a month in comparison to the rent we were paying. During the house hunting process, Mark was very reassuring and was able to point out some really great features, but, he was also no trying to sell the house, he was there for us, not his wallet. He was able to see the house from our prospective and was able to acknowledge its flaws to us. Something that I felt was very important. I mean, if the realtor cannot see things the way you see them, then why use them? Mark did, and that made things fun.

I think one of the best aspects about working with Mark, besides the fact that he is very helpful and sincere in every way, is the fact that there is no delay in communication. He was very communicative and made sure to not only call, but to email us as well. Any time that I called and couldn't reach him, he would call me back that day, within an hour or two. He is VERY diligent and takes full pride in providing you with a great service. He makes it a point to make the whole process easy and enjoyable. So much so that we started the process and closed escrow in 3 ½ weeks.

Mark is there every step of the way, a real stand up guy. He relates to you and becomes your friend. He truly enjoys helping people find that right home. TWO THUMBS UP AND FIVE STARS!!!!!

Michael Marsh


I recently handled the estate for my late grandfather and Mark Levenson was my grandfather’s choice to take care of the real estate. Mark did a wonderful job in communicating with me throughout the entire process and selling  the home well within my time line. Mark went above and beyond and assisted me with other things having to do with the sale as well. I couldn’t recommend a realtor more helpful and patient than Mark. He helped to get me a great price on the house.
                                                                                                                                                                                Lisa H.

Mark assisted my husband and I with my mother’s house after she passed away. He gave us some good ideas to best position the house for a high value and didn’t pressure us to sell the home right away. When we were ready he sold it in 1 week and we were very satisfied with the final price that he helped us get. Mark went slow with us and explained everything clearly so we could follow a timeline that would work best for our needs.

Mairiene M.

Mark was outstanding throughout the whole home buying process. He really worked to meet our needs and batted for us every time needed. I have met my lifelong realtor. Thank you Mark for helping my wife and I achieve the American dream of home ownership. Thanks again for all of your help!

Juzebonnie Mendoza


My husband Justin Griffith is active duty in the Navy, we got pcs orders to San Diego, and needed to buy a house as soon as we got here. A couple of other real state agents were too busy to work at the speed of our needs. Then we saw Mark's add on a free magazine we grabbed from outside the NEX. We called him and immediately felt we found an agent who understood our needs and was flexible to open an appointment for us. He started emailing us a couple of options in houses, according to our needs. This was the best decision we made. Mark is a caring person and a negotiated with the sellers on our behalf. He has a great team who works with him and it is optional, but we are glad we worked with his loan officer. They work so fast and efficiently. We put an offer on the first house Mark showed us of six favorites and in less than a month, we closed and moved in to our first home. Mark was always available just a text, email, or call away. That was very important to us. I really recommend Mark as a real estate agent. He guided us to get a VA loan with no money down, and negotiated our seller to pay most of the closing costs. His service extends even after closing, where he extends his friendship and advice if needed. He and his team are a 10/10. Highly recommended!!! 

Dolye and Justin Griffith

We are writing this note to let you know about the expert and tremendous service we received from Mark Levenson. Before we were referred to Mark, we worked with two different agents and neither seemed to focus on our needs. Once we began working with Mark he immediately focused on our desires. He has lived in San Diego all of his life and is familiar with all of the different areas. On our first day out with Mark, he found the house that we wanted and our offer was accepted two days later. His knowledge, professional attitude and superior customer service skills made the entire experience as good as we could ever ask for. The team of professionals he has assembled is superior in every way. We consider Mark to be our agent for life and will use him for all future transactions as well as letting all our friends and family know about him.

Jon Greene and Ann Triebel

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