Real Estate Investing is Still a Preferred Way to Create Wealth

One thing I have definitely learned along the way is that they are no longer building any new land. This has everything to do with real estate values as land is the link between controlling ones destiny vs. having that destiny controlled by others. With that in mind, real estate still is and will always be a hot commodity in high demand areas such as San Diego.

For those of you who have dreamed of purchasing investment properties or who already own real estate property such as condos, multi-family properties or other types, now is a great time to get started. Real estate values swings up and down based on supply and demand for both real estate and available monies for financing.
 Market conditions for investors have been steadily improving based on numerous factors. There are many opportunities to purchase REO's, Foreclosures, Distressed owner situations and just good pricing in the single family, condo and multi-family markets throughout the county.

The market swings back and forth from a sellers market to a buyers market etc. Not all segments of the market are the same as many media outlets erroneously report. As an example, the demand for a high end single family home can be completely different than the demand for a lower priced condo or investment property in a less desirable area. Believe it or not the less desirable area in a buyers market usually wins. You owe it to yourself to talk to a real estate investment specialist who can guide you in the right direction and give you all of the available options as either a seasoned or new investor.

I have had the good fortune of completing numerous 1031 tax free exchanges for seasoned investors as well as helping newer investors purchase homes, condos and multi-family properties. I utilize various creative approaches to financing and finding high quality investment properties and will help you build and grow your personal portfolio into your own 'nest egg.'

In addition, I have (with the assistance of my wife) bought, sold, managed and rehabbed over 40 units of our own investment properties throughout San Diego County.

If you would like to discuss your goals and aspirations about real estate investing, exchanging and any other options you may have, please call today for a free evaluation of your current investment needs. Many real estate agents can talk theoretically about real estate investing, but very few can talk practically through actual experience. Whether you are looking to purchase a single family home, condo, 2-4 units and up or to complete a 1031 tax free exchange, give me a call or e-mail me and schedule a FREE 1 hour consultation to discuss a plan to meet your needs.

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