Questions & Answers

1. I’m already happy where I am, why
   would I want to buy a home?
   Owning real estate comes with many
   built in advantages, including:

• Building Equity
• Monthly Tax Advantages
• Ending Wasted Rent
• Personal Pride
• Financial Security
• …and many more!

2. When is the best time to buy a home?

    When you’re ready to put your housing
    allowance towards building your financial
    security! I can help you achieve this by
    putting your VA home loan to use.

3. Can I afford to buy in San Diego?

    Yes! With my help and your VA loan,
    you’ll have strong buying power and great
    benefits, including…

• 100% financing or no down payment
• Record low interest rates
• Affordable homes & condos available NOW

4. How am I protected during the home
    buying process?

    The VA has numerous safeguards to
    protect you. This includes…

• Your VA loan qualification is based on
   affordability with income and debt ratio
   (includes spouse if applicable)
• Appraisal on the home purchase
• Pest Control Certification
• …and many more!

5. How do I get qualified for a VA loan?

    As an experienced VA real estate specialist,
    I will refer you to the best VA lenders with
    the lowest interest rates. Getting pre-approval
    will give you the maximum loan
    amount you are qualified to borrow.

6. How can you help me save time and
    money in the process?

Working with a VA Home Buying Real
Estate Specialist is a FREE service to you.
I can be your guide through the whole
process, helping you…

• Gain insight on VA lenders
• Learn about geographic areas
• Negotiate with sellers to save thousands
   in closing costs
• Navigate all details of your purchase
• Secure your VA loan and more!

If you already own a home, be sure to ask
me about my special “Military Discount
Sellers Savings
Program” for current
VA Homeowners!

This is a perfect time to begin living the
American Dream. Let me be your advocate
every step of the way.

Contact me for a FREE
Consultation today!

 Mark Levenson - Helping Military Buy & Sell Homes, Condos and Investment Properties
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 Over 1,000 Military Clients Served Since 1983

 Mark Levenson - Helping San Deigans Buy and Sell Real Estate

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